A Lisbon affair - photography

Mis à jour : 5 janv. 2019

We crave for the colours, the smells and the atmosphere of a city. When I went to Lisbon, I was inspired by the different life of each streets, the pink and the blue, the cracks of the walls, the sun, the noise.... This is a journey in the streets of Lisbon, what my eyes saw but something that you may not see.

Let's dare to be inspired to where you go and what you see. Through my experiences from when I was a teenager and volunteering in a professional theatre company at Le Chateau de Gizeux, to my last experiences in the UK... I learnt that you can dare to be inspired by what is around you, that you should dare take this inspiration, that you should dare to search for this inspiration. It shall always be about what's great and as many "why not?!" as you can. 

With love.