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HitLikeGirls is the blog of coach Adrianne Phebey and her rookie Camille Obligis in the female amateur boxing world.

In my research I questioned the strategies of different lifestyle blogs and influencer behaviours on social media. I took into consideration the time resource that could be dedicated to it, and the image we wanted to portray as bloggers. We decided to focus on being ‘real’. Whilst many bloggers nurture perfection, we decided to take another route. HitLikeGirls portrays the personality of the two bloggers; it’s fun, inspiring and speaks the truth. It’s not about perfect bodies, it’s about pushing yourself to the limit, showing that boxing can be fun and challenging. It’s about inspiring women from all ages and backgrounds and promoting boxing for women.

The imagery used on the blog and social media has evolved over the past year as the two bloggers needed a practical solution (having use of mobile phones only) whilst wanting to maintain consistency. HitLikeGirls is featured on Wordpress, which is the most optimum blogging platform for such content. Our social media strategy for HitLikeGirls prioritises Instagram and offers a presence on Facebook. These two platforms were seen as the most effective ways to target the audience, but also the most optimum solution for the two bloggers, to fit in with the time they can dedicate to it in their busy lifestyles.


  • Social media strategy and management

  • Creative strategy

  • Blogging strategy

  • Content publication

  • Connecting with brands

  • Collaborate with artists (photographer...)

  • Increase number of targeted followers on Instagram

  • Connect with other boxers from around the world

  • Facebook PPC


Our team HitLikeGirls is successfully running the blog alongside our busy day to day lives. The team has enjoyed several collaborations with brands which will increase in the coming year, and it is reaching its desired audience in the UK. Engagement is high and the number of Instagram followers are increasing steadily, in line with objectives. The bloggers are receiving lots of positive feedbacks from the rest of their boxing team and their reputation is growing within UK’s  amateur boxing world.

  • On Instagram:

  • 75 more followers per week on average

  • 58% women followers

  • 3 collaboration with brands

  • 846 average taps on posts or profile per week

  • 1157 Average unique reach per week

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