I'll gif you that! Animating Endivemole

Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2018

I invite you to look at these little snaps of the animated world of Endivemole, from gifs, banners, posts and videos. If you check our Facebook page you will even see a real life example of our banner!

During one of my first professional experience, I had the opportunity to work for a company that was proposing advertising screens services to indoor and outdoor sport venues. I learnt to create 10 to 30s ads on Adobe After Effects, you may have seen what I have done without noticing... A logo appearing and disappearing, a sentence promoting a product popping out... a magical time of animations!

Years later, I still embrace this skill and use it whenever I can. I just love Adobe after effects, animations, mini ads, because they have to be effective within a limited amount of time, and they are an opportunity to interact with an audience.

If you fancy to have some animations for your page, yes we can help! Contact us today :)