Timberland's advert, shoe advert, by Camille Obligis

Shoes advert campaign:

The concept was to create a campaign that used an animal and a pair of shoes. I chose to comply Timberland's brand and dogs. Dogs are loyal and faithful, alike Timberland' shoes who are renown for their legacy of outstanding quality.

It is a brand that inherits from a strong history with the outdoor but that also now attracts the younger, metro consumer. This shoe is everyone's best friend, as much as a my dad who is a roofer and uses them to work as well as my boyfriend who walks in the street with them because they are so comfy and qualitative. With Timberland' shoes you develop a long life friendship, which is why Timberland' shoes are everyone's best friend, even your dog.

Once you go Timberland, you never turn back.

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